Naul Ojeda

Naúl Ojeda - Artist - 1939-2002

This site showcases the artwork of Naul Ojeda.

Image credit: Miguel Sayago. 

Image credit: Miguel Sayago. 

Welcome to the website of artist Naúl Ojeda (1939-2002) who trained at the University of Uruguay, School of Fine Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the early 1970s, political repression in Ojeda’s homeland led to his living and creating his art in France, Chile, Mexico, and ultimately the United States. He lived in Washington, DC for almost 30 years before his death there in 2002. 

Watercolors, acrylics, sculptures and installations were media that drew Ojeda’s interest. In addition, he was a photojournalist who spent time in Chile documenting the campaign of President Salvador Allende from 1969 through the coup d’etat in September 1973.

But woodcuts and linocuts were Ojeda’s preferred media and he was well known as a printmaker of excellence. He liked the tactile aspect of interacting with a piece of wood, discovering imagery within the knots and grain. He pulled his prints by hand, generally in small editions of 25 or less.   Read more

Interview with Uruguayan artist Naul Ojeda for Montgomery Community Television, by Cintia Cabib.